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【Preregistration Campaign Terms】
  • This campaign runs from July 2nd, 2019 1:00 PM, until the app is released.
  • Gifts corresponding to the number of people registered will be given out when preregistration concludes.
    (e.g. Users will receive gifts for meeting both the 100K and 200K milestones if over 200K users register.)
  • Registrations from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,LINE, email, the App Store, and the Google Play Store will be counted for Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, USA, and Canada as a single total.
  • Preregistration gifts will be available to each user once only in the app after release.
  • Preregistration gifts will be given out to everyone upon login. Check the in-app notices for details on how to collect them.
【Privacy Policy】
We handle information gathered from users during this campaign according to our Privacy Policy, which is available elsewhere.
We will use the information gathered for the purposes of the campaign. We may use email addresses gathered in this campaign to contact you with the following information: play testing for this app, requests to fill out surveys on this app, and other game-related information (only applies to users who consent to this).
Some devices may not be compatible with this app.
App contents and release date may change without notice. This campaign may change or end without notice.