Ver.2.0 UPDATE Ver.2.0 UPDATE


6★ unlocked (new upgrade system)

A new 6★ tune-up stage for Parts/AI Pilots will be added.
With 6★ tune-ups, you’ll be able to upgrade up to Lv 90.
Maximum Mark slots for Parts will be increased by 1.
In addition, by raising your Part Traits & EX Skill level, you can go beyond this limit,and upgrade up to Lv 99.
For 6★ tune-ups, along with the newly added materials Awakening Circuit ε and Awakening Circuit δ,upgrade parts and Attribute Tune-Up Materials of the same attribute, and Word Tag Tune-Up Materials of the same Word Tag will be necessary.

*New materials Awakening Circuit ε, AI Awakening Circuit ε, Attribute Tune-Up Materials, and Word Tag Tune-Up Materials can be obtained from each type of event.
*Attribute Tune-Up Materials and Word Tag Tune-Up Materials are upgrade materials for both Parts and AI Pilots.
*Attribute Tune-Up Materials have 3 types for each attribute (power, technique, speed).
*Word Tag Tune-Up Materials will have Word Tags divided, for a total of 26 types.
*Parts & AI Pilots whose Part Traits/EX Skills have reached Lv 10 before tuning up to 6★ will be able to be upgradable up to Lv 99 once tuned up to 6★

Sub-slot Function (new upgrade system)

A sub-slot will be added to each Part & AI Pilot included in the Gunpla build.
By equipping the same type of part in the sub-slot for your main parts (including AI Pilots),Parameters of parts equipped in sub-slots will have a certain percentage of their values added to main parts.
(Increased Parameter values may change when choosing Parts or Word Tags with the same name)
You’ll also be able to customize appearance, Part Traits, EX Skills, and Word Tags,allowing you to create and even cooler and stronger Gunpla.

Sub-slot Equipping Conditions (Including AI Pilots)

Main parts have reached the 6★ tune-up stage
*If parts are not at 6★ tune-up stage, sub-slot information will not be displayed.
Main part and sub-part types match
*Melee weapon and shot-based weapons must match their weapon categories.
Main parts and sub-parts do not interfere with the range of the same build
(Normal Gunpla builds: within 1-9 range, Free Squad range)

*Changes affecting EX Skills will be linked to the appearance of Parts.
*You cannot select the same Word Tag twice.
*Event special effects will only impact main parts & AI Pilot.
*EXP and proficiency advancements obtainable from completing Missions will only be counted towards your main parts & AI Pilot.

Expert Points (new upgrade system)

When you’ve completed a Mission with Parts/an AI Pilot Lv 80 or higher,there will be a chance of obtaining Expert Points (EP).
By fulfilling conditions for both total Expert Points acquired and Collection completion numbers,Gear effects will be automatically revised, and you will be able to upgrade your Gunpla further.

*The drop rate of Expert Points will increase based on the amount of Parts/AI Pilots equipped as main parts to your Gunpla or an Ally Gunpla that are at least Lv 80.
*Expert Points have a chance of dropping from Story Missions, Free Missions, (all difficulties), Daily Missions, Event Missions (Single/Multi), and Multi-Missions. Multi-Mission drops will only apply to your own Gunpla, and Single Mission Relief Gunplas will not count towards the total.
*As with Player Level, Expert Points have an upper limit. When the limit has been exceeded, Expert Points will be counted as Bonus Expert Points (BEP). After collecting a certain amount of Bonus Expert Points, a Standard Capsule Ticket will be sent to your Gift Box.
*You can check your amount of Expert Points and Expert Bonus Points (BEP) by going to your profile and viewing All Point Types.

Photo Studio Contest Feature

The GUNDAM BATTLE: GUNPLA WARFARE official site will be holding a photo contest, so a Contest tab will be added to the Photo Studio.
During the contest period, you’ll be able to enter submissions, and with the Vote Button, you can vote on other players’ entries.
You can receive Friend Points based on the amount of votes you receive and/or make, and entries with the top 10 highest votes will be saved in the Hall of Fame.
In regards to the contest start date (and theme announcement), details will be added to the in-game notices after the Ver. 2.0 large-scale update.
Don’t miss your chance to enter once the contest begins!

*The Contest tab will unlock at the same time as Photo Studio unlocks (upon completing Story 1-7).

Story Mission 11

A new protagonist Gunpla is here!
With her graduation day approaching rapidly, Rindo finds she must win the next contest, or else she'll be held back a year!
Hoping to secure Rindo’s graduation, the Gunpla Club faces the competition head-on, when, without warning, the developer of Gundam Artemis makes an appearance...

*You can obtain the full set for the protagonist Gunpla of this story, Gundam Areus, by completing Story Mission 11.

Free Mission 11

We will add the new Free Mission 11 (Normal/Hard).

*Try Free Missions 1-11 on Hard for a chance to collect parts from Touma Aizen's Gunpla, CodeΦ, as rare drops.

New Battle Mode Addition

Devising the proper build will be your key to victory in newly added high-difficulty missions.
It won’t be possible to tackle these missions using ordinary measures, but you’ll be able to acquire Awakening Circuit ε and AI Awakening Circuit ε, which are necessary for 6★ tune-ups, so give it your best shot!
The launch date for these new high-difficulty missions will be announced in the in-game notices and official social media accounts at a later time.


Player Level
We will raise the Player Level limit from 190 to 200.

*If you reached level 190 prior to the Ver. 2.0 large-scale update, the accumulated EXP that would have counted toward an EN Bonus will be reset. Thank you for your understanding.

With recycle, by expending 3 parts from a Gunpla of the same name or of the same Attribute, you may create 1 randomly generated Gunpla part of the same name or 1 part of the same Attribute.
From the recycle overview screen, by unchecking items from the checkboxes, you will be able to omit unwanted parts from the obtainable selection.
  • ・3 of the same part ⇒ Can omit 3 from the obtainable selection
  • ・2 of the same part, 1 different ⇒ Can omit 2 from the obtainable selection
  • ・All different parts ⇒ Can omit 1 from the obtainable selection

Also, while Gunpla part types (5 types: head, torso, arms, legs, back) that are 4★ or higher were previously the only parts eligible for recycling, this will be expanded to include weapons and shields, allowing for all part types of all rarities to be eligible for recycling.
Armor gauge display during battle (HUD adjustment)
When the armor gauge is full, its color will change to green.
This will make it easier to monitor your condition during battle.
Adjusted pop-up on sell confirmation screen
A dialogue will be displayed on all selling screens, allowing you to better understand the obtainable Capital, Platinum Coins, and Scraps.
Friend Point Capsules / Capital Shop
2 new Gunplas, the protagonist Gunpla Gundam Areus, and Ball will be added to the lineup.
Gift Box’s Sell All
1★-3★ Parts/AI Pilots may be filtered in the Gift Box and will be able to be sold collectively.
Beginner Campaign Refinements
For those new to playing GUNDAM BATTLE: GUNPLA WARFARE, we have been giving out Beginner Coins, which gives players the option to exchange them for full Gunpla sets.
In addition to the currently available 10 Gunpla options, we will be added another 10 Gunplas, creating a new total of 20 different Gunplas.
Following this, we will be distributing Beginner Coins to our current players.

Gunplas Available for Exchange with Beginner Coins

No Rarity Gunpla Name
1 ★1 Astray Red Frame (Beginner Campaign)
2 ★1 Force Impulse Gundam (Beginner Campaign)
3 ★1 Pale Rider
4 ★1 Duel Gundam Assault Shroud (Beginner Campaign)
5 ★1 Beginning 30 Gundam (Beginner Campaign)
6 ★1 Gundam GP01Fb (Zephyranthes Fb/Beginner Campaign)
7 ★1 Gundam Virsago (Beginner Campaign)
8 ★1 Tallgeese (Endless Waltz/Beginner Campaign)
9 ★1 Gundam Exia (Beginner Campaign)
10 ★1 Victory Gundam (Beginner Campaign)
11 ★1 Gundam Gusion Rebake (Beginner Campaign) NEW
12 ★1 Gundam Deathscythe Hell (Endless Waltz/Beginner Campaign) NEW
13 ★1 Gundam Barbatos (4th Form/Beginner Campaign) NEW
14 ★1 Gundam Legilis (Beginner Campaign) NEW
15 ★1 Psycho Zaku (Gundam Thunderbolt/Beginner Campaign) NEW
16 ★1 Zeong (Beginner Campaign) (*) NEW
17 ★1 Shining Gundam (Beginner Campaign) NEW
18 ★1 Providence Gundam (Beginner Campaign) NEW
19 ★1 Master Gundam (Beginner Campaign) NEW
20 ★1 Lightning Gundam (Beginner Campaign) NEW

*Gunplas that may be exchanged with Beginner Coins include all body part types (Head/Body/Arms/Legs/Back) for a total of 5 parts. However, Zeong (Beginner Campaign) will be the only Gunpla to not include a Back part.

Amount of Beginner Coins Obtainable/How to Obtain

10 total (1 coin may be exchanged for 1 Part)
  • ・7 days after creating your account, by 23:59 JST ⇒ claim 5 Coins from your Gift Box
  • ・After logging in for 14 days ⇒ can claim 5 Coins from Achievements

*Accounts made previously will still be able to claim 5 Coins after completing the 14 day total login Achievement. Accounts that have logged in for at least 14 days will be able to claim Coins after the Ver. 2.0 Large-scale Update.
*Without Beginner Coins, the exchange lineup will not be displayed on the Exchange page.

Other Additions

Various new Gunplas, AI Pilots, story events, and more will be released. We hope you're looking forward to it!


Starting on the release date for the Ver. 2.0 Large-scale Update,we’ll be holding 10 major campaigns and SNS campaigns celebrating the game’s 1 year anniversary.
Please check the 1 Year Anniversary website for more details.