Ver.3.0 MAJOR UPDATE 2021.7.21 Ver.3.0 MAJOR UPDATE 2021.7.21


Mission Creation

Players can now make their own original Missions through the new "Mission Creation" mode that players from all around the world can try to clear! You can create the battle environment you want by selecting the stage and difficulty, and even build up to twelve enemy Gunpla that will appear.
Other players can leave Likes after clearing your Mission. Your Creative Mission will then appear in a Ranking (Newest/Popular/Total/Low Clr. %) depending on how many Likes it has and how many times it's been attempted.
So try it out and aim to make the best Creative Mission!

*Special "Plugin" items are required to edit the settings of Creative Missions (excluding test plays).
*The "Plugins" required to edit Creative Missions can be obtained from "Creator Bonus", "Daily Play Bonus", "Daily Early Discovery Bonus", and from the "Exchange" in the in-game Shop.
*Creative Missions will be visible to all players worldwide, and the ranking will also be shared worldwide.
*There are no rewards for the ranking.
*Challenging Creative Missions will not require any EN or special items to be consumed.

Mission Creator Rewards

Creator Bonus

If your Creative Mission is attempted a total of 100 times, you can receive "Plugins" and more once a week.

*Once you have received a "Creator Bonus" for a "Creative Mission", you cannot receive it again for that Mission within the same week.
*"Creator Bonus" rewards will reset every Sunday at 1:00 PM (PDT).

Mission Challenger Rewards

Daily Play Bonus

You can receive "Plugins" once per day by challenging any Creative Mission.

Daily Early Discovery Bonus

You can receive "Plugins" once per day by challenging Creative Missions that have been played less than 100 times.

*Items can be received from the results screen upon Mission clear or failure. You will not receive items for quitting.
*"Plugins" can also be obtained from other methods besides the "Daily Early Discovery Bonus".

Operator Base

A new feature called "Operator Base" where you can get an "Operator Boost" via Form Squad will be added.
By choosing Attributes and Word Tags, as well as setting an Operator (AI Pilot) and 25 Parts according to specified conditions, all Gunpla in your Squad that have matching Attributes and Word Tags can use an effect called "Operator Boost" in battle that increases their Melee Attack, Shot Attack, Melee Defense, and Shot Defense.

Activate "Operator Boost" by pressing the button at the appropriate time. Its effects will continue until the Mission ends, but its effects will be greater the later you press the button to activate it. Plus, the higher your "Assessment Points" are, the faster its effects will increase.
The higher the level of the Parts you have set in "Operator Base", the higher your "Assessment Points" will be. You'll also get bonus points if your Parts come from the same series, are the same type of Part, have the same name but different Attributes, etc.
Be sure to try out "Operator Base" to personalize your Gunpla battles!

*Operator Base settings can be accessed via "Form Squad".
*"Operator Boost" will not activate in Auto or Semi-Auto unless the button is pressed. *"Operator Boost" effects will only apply to your and Ally Gunplas in your Squad that satisfy the applicable conditions.

Switching Between Operating Your and Ally Gunpla

You will be able to switch between operating your Gunpla and Ally Gunpla in your Squad that you have built in single Missions. You can switch which Gunpla you are operating by tapping on the HP bars of your Ally Gunpla or the switch button.
Accompanying this, a new HYBRID control method will be added. Using it will enable you to stop Ally Gunpla (Relief Gunpla excluded) from activating their EX Skill and Limit Burst automatically, and manually control when they activate by switching which Gunpla you are operating.

*You cannot use this feature to operate the Relief Gunpla of other players or your partner's Gunpla in Story Missions.
*Following this update, the game over rules for single Missions will change to "when your and Ally Gunpla are all destroyed".

Story Mission Chapter 16

A prequel to the "Gundam Breaker Battlogue short films set to release in Fall 2021!
Appearances by characters from Gundam Breaker 3!

[Welcome to the Ayato Shopping District!]
The new club members, Mizuki and Tsukumo have been in a slump since missing out on victory in the tournament before.
Ichiho wants to help and takes them to the Irato Game Park, a sacred spot for Gunpla fighters.
There, they meet the Ayato Shopping District's Gunpla team, which is known as the strongest...

Free Mission 16

Free Mission 16 (Normal/Hard/Very Hard) will be added.

*Participate in Free Missions 1-14 on Hard difficulty and possibly get rare drop item Parts from the main character's rival, Touma Aizen's Gunpla "codeΦ"!
*You can obtain Job GearPieces and Job Gear Blueprint material as a rare drop in Free Missions 1-14 on Very Hard difficulty.

Battle Circuit

Using Parts Multiple Times

Currently, the same Part cannot be used for multiple LAPs. However, it will become possible to use the same Part multiple times based on the level of its EX Skill or Part Trait.You can check how many times a Part can be used and what LAPs it is currently being used in via the Build screen.

Gear Equip Unlocked

You will be able to equip Gear, just like you can in other Missions. This will allow you to increase your Combat Power in the Battle Circuit as well. Please note that just like with Parts, a Gear that has been used in one LAP cannot be used in another.

*Using Auto-Build for Combat Power in the Build screen will also take equipped Gear into account, and will select the one that will result in the highest Combat Power.

Daily Missions

You will be able to play Daily Missions once per day without consuming EN, and Mission contents will also be greatly updated. In addition to Capital, Upgrade Nippers, and Tune Up Materials, the rewards line-up will be expanded to include Universal Marks, B.T. Marks, Gear, and more. Don't forget to play every day!

*Non-EN consuming attempts for Daily Missions reset every day at 1:00 PM (PDT).
*In addition to this change, the Upgrade Nippers Missions for each type of Part will now only drop Upgrade Nippers (ALL) to increase user-friendliness.

Crew Capital Shop

The Conversion Points needed to raise your Shop Grade will be adjusted as below.

Current Adjusted
Shop Grade Conversion Points Shop Grade Conversion Points
E 0 E 0
D 15000 D 10000
C 30000 C 20000
B 35000 B 30000
A 40000 A 40000
Builders Training (B.T.)

The points you can obtain from Builders Training will be adjusted as below.

Current Adjusted
CPWR Points CPWR Points
10000 60 10000 100
100000 80 100000 110
300000 100 300000 120
500000 120 500000 130

The Armor penalty when you're Cost Over for Cost or Squad Cost will be removed.
Cost will also no longer be displayed in your Gunpla List or the Build Screen, and Cost Parameter Gears (1-5★) will no longer be available in Blueprints. Following this update, you will be able to build without worrying about costs.
In addition, you will be able to use unneeded Cost Parameter Gears (1-5★) to create "Cost Gear Fragments" in Blueprints. "Cost Gear Fragments" can be used to exchange for other Parameter Gears in the Exchange Shop.

"Cost Gear Fragment" Blueprints

Required Item Exchange Item
Parameter Gear 1★ Cost[-20] 1x Cost Gear Fragment
Parameter Gear 2★ Cost[-40] 5x Cost Gear Fragments
Parameter Gear 3★ Cost[-60] 25x Cost Gear Fragments
Parameter Gear 4★ Cost[-80] 75x Cost Gear Fragments
Parameter Gear 5★ Cost[-100] 75x Cost Gear Fragments

Parameter Gear Exchange

Required Item Exchange Item
1x Cost Gear Fragment 1x 1★ Parameter Gear
5x Cost Gear Fragments 1x 2★ Parameter Gear
25x Cost Gear Fragments 1x 3★ Parameter Gear
75x Cost Gear Fragments 1x 4★ Parameter Gear

*"1x Parameter Gear" refers to one of any of the Armor, MeleeAtk, ShotAtk, MeleeDef, ShotDef, BeamRes, PhysRes, or DualAtk Parameter Gears.


The following filters will be added, making it easier to search for the applicable Parts.
①Addition of a Part Traits filter
②Addition of "and" and "or" to Word Tag categories
③Addition of a filter for Parts you own that have the same name but different Attributes under the Duplicates category
④Addition of more detailed EX Skill filters

Custom Skin

You will be able to use Parts that are also used in other builds in Custom Skin.
(Applicable areas: Regular Build, Online Entry, Free Build, Free Squad, Loadout)

*You still will not be able to use the same Part multiple times within Custom Skin.

Lower Right Menu

"Alteration", "Crew", "Growth Hangar", "Achievements", "Gift Box", and "Parts/Items" will be added to the existing lower right menu.

Loading Times

Load times will be improved for the Home Screen, and when moving to other contents.

*Load times will depend on your device and connection, and therefore may not take effect in some cases.

Blueprints/Capital Shop

Maganac (1★) will be added to the Blueprint and Capital Shop lineup.
Blueprints for changing Scrap into different types of Scrap, and Blueprints for changing each type of Upgrade Nippers into Upgrade Nippers (ALL) will also be added.

Player Level

Raised Max Player Level from 240 to 250.

*If you reached the maximum level of 240 prior to the Ver. 3.0 Large Update, the extra EXP you have accumulated will be reset as an EN bonus.

New Gunpla, AI Pilots, and Events etc. are planned to be added sequentially.
Please look forward to it!

Campaign Information

Following the day of the Ver. 3.0 Large Update, we will be holding 10 huge in-game campaigns and more in celebration of our 2nd Anniversary. Please see the 2nd Anniversary Special Site for more details.

[2nd Anniv.] Mega Rookie Recruit Login Bonus


Requirements Item Quantity
Day 1 Login Haro Chips 1,500
Day 2 Login Capital 10,000,000
Day 3 Login Upgrade Nippers DX (ALL) 200
Day 4 Login 4★ Full Set Capsule Tickets 3
Day 5 Login Capital 10,000,000
Day 6 Login Upgrade Nippers DX (ALL) 200
Day 7 Login Haro Chips 1,500

[Rookie Recruit Login Bonus Eligibility]

Those who start playing the game from 7/20/2021 (PDT) following maintenance - 8/24 1:00 PM (PDT)

[Rookie Recruit Login Bonus Claim Period]

7/20/2021 (PDT) following maintenance - 8/31 1:00 PM (PDT)

[2nd Anniv.] Mega Comeback Login Bonus


Requirements Item Quantity
Day 1 Login Haro Chips 1,500
Day 2 Login [Expires] EN Recovery Strong 10
Day 3 Login Upgrade Nippers DX (ALL) 200
Day 4 Login 4★ Part Exchange Ticket Fragments 50
Day 5 Login Capital 10,000,000
Day 6 Login Upgrade Nippers DX (ALL) 200
Day 7 Login B.T. Marks (5★) 10

[Comeback Login Bonus Eligibility]

Players whose last login date was 6/15/2021 8:00 PM (PDT) or before.

[Comeback Login Bonus Period]

7/20/2021 (PDT) following maintenance - 8/24 1:00 PM (PDT)

[Comeback Login Bonus Rewards Claim Period]

7/20/2021 (PDT) following maintenance - 8/31 1:00 PM (PDT)