Ver.3.2 UPDATE Ver.3.2 UPDATE


Photo Studio

Make your Gunpla even more camera-ready! New poses and backgrounds! Increased convenience!!
Show off to your Friends and Crew Members on social media!!

20 new poses, and more that 15 new stickers will be added to the Photo Studio. There will also be 21 new backgrounds added to ADV, and 2 new backgrounds and 18 new Special effect stickers added to Other under Select Scenery. You’ll be able to make your Gunpla photos look better than ever!
Plus, the number of slots in My Photos will be increased from 8 to 12 for greater convenience. Gunpla that you’ve created as “Bosses” for Mission Creation will also be selectable from the “Select Gunpla” menu to use in photos.

And there’s more! Special effect stickers will be added as part of a collab with MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM BATTLE OPERATION Code Fairy for PS5™/PS4®!

The Noisy Fairy Emblem that appears in MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM BATTLE OPERATION Code Fairy for PS5™/PS4® will be available as two effect stickers in the Photo Studio.

Challenge original Story Missions with lovable characters using the same dynamic controls of MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM BATTLE OPERATION 2 for PS5™/PS4® in this single-player battle action game, available now in the PlayStation Store. Enjoy this new Gundam story, featuring character designs by Masayoshi Tanaka, mecha designs by Kyoshi Takigawa, and animation director, producer, and storyboard writer, Toshikazu Yoshizawa.
Check out the official site below.

Attribute Link

Gather Parts of different Attributes and make them even stronger with “Link Effects”!!

We’ll be adding a new feature called “Link Effect”, which will increase your attack power and decrease the damage you take depending on if you have Parts of the same name and type but different Attributes. The highest Rarity (1★-7★) of each Part you have of a different Attribute will be summed up as “Link Points”, and the boost effects will increase depending on your total points. Link Effects will take effect across all Missions for all Parts of the same name and type.

*Even if you own two or more Parts of the same Rarity, only one of the Parts will be counted in your Link Point total.
*The screen where you can check the effects of your Link Effects is accessible from the Parts details screen.
*Link Effects will take effect automatically according to the Parts you own and does not need to be set manually.
*Parts that you have sold or otherwise consumed prior to the implementation of Attribute Link will not count towards your Link Points. After implementation, your Link Points will not decrease even if Parts used in their calculation are sold or otherwise consumed.

7★ Release (New Upgrade System)

New 7★ Rarity is coming soon!
Make your Gunplas even stronger!

New 7★ Rarity Tune Up will be added for Parts.
In addition to an increase in Parameters, Parts that have been Tuned Up to 7★ will have one more Mark Slot unlocked, and you’ll be able to choose to set other Word Tags from identical Parts of different Attributes.
Existing items as well as the new Awakening Circuit ω will be required for 7★ Tune Up.

*The new item, Awakening Circuit ω, can be obtained from various Events.
*7★ Tune Up will not enable an upgrade past Lv99 or an upgrade past Lv10 for Part Traits or EX Skills.
*7★ Tune Up will be made available for Parts sequentially.

Story Mission Chapter 18

Characters from the Gundam Breaker Battlogue short films are back again!
What will happen in the in-game sequel!?

[The Story Continues After the Anime!]
It’s been one month since the chaotic GB Festa.
After losing to Misa and Ryusei, Mahara decides to change his ways but can’t quite move past his superiority complex.
As he laments to the other young fighters, Mr. Gunpla provides him with a suggestion…


EN Recovery Limit

The maximum EN limit will be set to 999. You will be able to recover EN using multiple EN Recovery Items and/or Haro Chips as long as your EN does not exceed this limit.

*EN received from increasing your Player level or EN Bonuses cannot exceed the maximum limit of 999. Any EN that exceeds this limit will be lost.
“EN recovery received over time will not exceed the limit determined by your Player level.

Mission Creation

A function called “Random Pick Play”, where you can randomly challenge a Creative Mission made by other players, will be added. You can obtain a Plugin Ticket by using Random Pick Play three or more times a day.
Plugin Tickets can be used to exchange for various Plugin items from the Plugin Exchange.

*Both Mission clears and failures will count towards your daily total. Quitting will not count.


The current Capital limit of 99,999,999 will be increased by one digit for a new maximum of 999,999,999.

*Capital that exceeds this limit will be sent to your Gift Box.

Battle Circuit

You will be able to call up builds that you have registered to Loadout in the Battle Circuit Gunpla Build entry screen. This will make it easier to set up the builds you want to use for each LAP ahead of time.

*Usage limits for any Parts or Gears called up from Loadout will not be reflected on your build.
*Customs Skins, Custom Abilities, and any other features that cannot be used in the Battle Circuit will not be reflected.

Item Filters

The following categories will be added to “Item Type” in the items filter. This will make it easier to find the items you are looking for.

[New Categories]

  • ・Event (Exchange Tickets etc.)
  • ・Capsules (Standard Capsule Tickets etc.)
  • ・Alteration (Alteration Tools, various L Badges etc.)
  • ・Fragments (various types)
  • ・Gear Pieces (various types)
  • ・Custom Abilities (various Ability upgrade materials)
  • ・Crew (various Crew Crystals etc.)
  • ・Plugins (various types)
Event Mission Achievements

You will be able to check the progress of your Achievements and what rewards you’ll receive from the Event Mission chapter selection screen.

Blueprints/Capital Shop

Union Flag (1★) will be added to the Blueprint and Capital Shop lineup.

Player Level

The Max Player level will be raised from 260 to 270.

*If you reached the maximum level of 260 prior to the Ver. 3.2 Update, the extra EXP you have accumulated as an EN Bonus will be reset.

Other Updates

New Gunpla, AI Pilots, and scenario Events etc. are planned to be added gradually. Please look forward to it!


Ver. 3.2 Update Login Bonus

To celebrate the upcoming Ver. 3.2 Update, there will be a login bonus from which you can get amazing items.


Requirements Item Quantity
Day 1 Login [Expires] EN Recovery Strong 2
Day 2 Login Box Expansion Ticket 2
Day 3 Login Daily Ticket 1
Day 4 Login Capital 5,000,000
Day 5 Login Standard Capsule Ticket 1
Day 6 Login Full Set Capsule Ticket 1
Day 7 Login 4★ Parts Guaranteed Capsule Ticket 1

*Any unused [Expires] EN Recovery Strong will be sold from your Items after 1/2/2021 12:00 PM (PST).

[Event Period]

11/30/2021 7:00 PM (PST) – 12/7/2021 12:00 PM (PST)

Ver.3.2 Update Celebration Campaign

The Ver. 3.2 Update is coming soon! Following the update's maintenance, the following in-game campaigns will be held. We've got incredible prizes in store, so don't miss out!

*Even more campaigns for the Ver. 3.2 Update are planned. Further information regarding Event periods and rewards will be announced via in-game notices at a later date.