Ver.4.0 UPDATE Ver.4.0 UPDATE

Expansion of the Photo Studio

10 new types of Poses and 5 new types of Stickers will be added to the Photo Studio.

Use these new additions to create incredible new photos with your Gunpla. Have fun building new Gunpla to show off!

Buffs to Certain Part Traits

The currently existing Part Trait "Enemy xx cut -xx%" will be combined with existing power-boosting Part Traits in order to further strengthen your power.
As a result, its phrasing will be altered to "Enemy xx dmg +xx%".

Story Mission Chapter 20

[The time has come to decide who is the strongest Gunpla fighter in all of Japan!]
After mastering the secrets of Gunpla battling through some grueling special training, our protagonist has finally achieved his dream of reaching the All-Japan Championship! Sana and the other members are visibly shaken by unsettling rumors that one of the participants has smuggled an illegal program into the tournament. With so many overwhelmingly powerful fighters assembled, who will be crowned the strongest?!

Free Mission 20

Free Mission 20 (Normal/Hard/Very Hard) will be added.

*Participate in Free Missions on Hard difficulty and possibly get rare drop item Parts from the main character's rival, Touma Aizen's Gunpla "codeΦ".
*You can obtain Job GearPieces and Job Gear Blueprint material as a rare drop in Free Missions on Very Hard difficulty.


▼Custom-Made Missions

Increased limit for Event Rewards

The Creation Pt. event reward limit for Custom-Made Missions will be increased from 100,000 to 1,000,000.

Improved Special Boosts Visibility

Made it easier to view special boosts on the Custom-Made Missions Build screen. This will make it so that unnecessary boosts will not be displayed, allowing you to build more efficiently.

Improved Auto Build Function

The functionality of Auto Build will be improved for Custom-Made Missions. This will make it easier to efficiently earn Creation Pt. using the Parts you have obtained.

▼Player Level

Raised Max Player Level from 280 to 500.

* If you reached the maximum level of 280 prior to the Ver. 4.0 Update, the extra EXP you have accumulated will be reset as an EN bonus

▼Parts Box Expansion Limit Increased

Increased the Parts Box expansion limit by 100.
This will allow you to expand the box up to 1000 slots.

▼BANDAI NAMCO ID Link Function Added

By creating and using a BANDAI NAMCO ID, it will be possible to back-up your data and transfer it to a new device.

*Be sure to use a steady internet connection when linking your account.
*It is free to create a BANDAI NAMCO ID.
*Please note that all Haro Chips and Courses will be lost when transferring your data to a device with a different OS.

▼Addition of Delete Account Button

It will be possible to delete your account by navigating to Other>Delete Account from the Menu.

*Deleting your account will prevent you from ever using that account to play Gundam Breaker Mobile again. Please note that deleting your account will make account recovery and refunds for all purchased Haro Chips impossible and will also invalidate any data transfer codes.

Other Additions

New Gunpla, AI Pilots, and Events are planned to be added sequentially.
Please look forward to it!