Experience original characters and Gunpla models exclusive to

Experience original characters

And Gunpla models exclusive to


Join Sana and Touma - members of Gunpla club - to join the world of Gunpla.
Win tournaments  and save the Gunpla club from shutting down!
Protagonist Protagonist
Toma Aizen Toma Aizen
Sana Miyama Sana Miyama
Rindo Kuzunoha Rindo Kuzunoha
Ren Kotomori Ren Kotomori
Yuri Ichinose Yuri Ichinose
  • Protagonist(CV:Kensho Ono)

    (CV:Kensho Ono)
    I-I’ll give it all I’ve got!
    Joined the Gunpla club through a chance encounter with Sana.
    A rookie but continues to grow with each new encounter — a promising newcomer.
    Protagonist Protagonist
  • Touma Aizen(CV:Yuki Ono)

    (CV:Yuki Ono)
    One person with real talent is worth more than a hundred lollygaggers who’d just show up to mess around.
    Touma's goal is to become a pro Gunpla fighter to give his mother and siblings the life they deserve. The protagonist's rival and a good club captain.
    Toma Aizen Toma Aizen
    Toma Aizen
  • Sana Miyama(CV:Rie Takahashi)

    (CV:Rie Takahashi)
    Okay, so here’s the deal. I, um...
    I need you. Let's be partners.
    Sana joined the Gunpla club because she wanted to get through high school without causing any trouble. Unfortunately, bucketloads of club members left the club the very year she joined, bringing the club to the brink of extinction. Selected to join the tournament, she is forced to become stronger.
    Sana Miyama Sana Miyama
    Sana Miyama
  • Rindo Kuzunoha(CV:Kana Yuuki)

    (CV:Kana Yuuki)
    You have the ability; all you lack is faith in yourself.
    With a pro builder for a father and a pro fighter for a mother, Gunpla runs in Rindo's blood. She secured a sponsor contract and went pro while still in high school. In her first year, she was known as the Gunpla club's ace and won the National Championship Singles. In her second year, she became captain.
    Rindo Kuzunoha Rindo Kuzunoha
    Rindo Kuzunoha
  • Ren Kotomori(CV:Saki Fujita)

    (CV:Saki Fujita)
    You can all believe what you want, but I'M going to be the next national champ.
    The daughter of a Gunpla company president. She was already competent enough to give adults a run for their money by the time she was in preschool. She broke her winning streak for the first time when she lost against Rindo in the Nationals. She wants a rematch so she can get her groove back.
    Ren Kotomori Ren Kotomori
    Ren Kotomori
  • Yuri Ichinose(CV:Satsumi Matsuda)

    (CV:Satsumi Matsuda)
    Ta-daaaah! Yuri Ichinose, on the scene! I’m here to help out Rindo, so you better be on your toes!
    She began Gunpla battling so she could fight against her two older brothers. She wasn't able to win against them by playing normally, so she picked up a few more unconventional tricks. Her goal is to have fun playing with other people and therefore doesn't mind losing as long as she has fun.
    Yuri Ichinose Yuri Ichinose
    Yuri Ichinose